FlightLog Professional

FlightLog Professional 6.6

FlightLog Professional is a free pilot logbook software
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FlightLog Professional offers very comprehensive data collating ability and fine presentation. This is all FREE OF CHARGE and of significant benefit compared to other software which is often only remotely competitive. There are various software developers claiming innovation with pilot logbook software but the fact remains that FlightLog Professional is and always was the truly innovative pilot logbook software with respect to the majority of the features listed above. FlightLog Professional pilot logbook software is designed by pilots for pilots and its virtues continually speak for themselves. With the advantage of being FREE and with an exceptional feature list .

Main Features:
- JAR/CAA/FAA compliant logbook & report printout formats for regulatory authority / administration requirements
- Automatic day:night time calculation even handling day:night:day & night:day:night transitions
- Fast, intuitive auto-fill data input. Minimum required user input for maximum detailed flight data output
- Previous block hours entry is made easy. Integrate previous block hours with logbook hours 'on the fly'
- Exchange data with FlightLog Remote PPC Recorder on a Windows™ Mobile / CE / Pocket PC 2003 mobile device
- Track & project flight hours, receive warning of impending limitation exceedence
- Duty tracking & statistics with user defined limits, clearly displayed
- Comprehensive querying, whatever statistics you need for that job / licence application
- Over 50 reports & charts, many printable with anything from single page to full logbook printing
- Worldwide Airfields & Airports Data Resource, freely downloadable, allowing 'one click' airfield data import
- Context sensitive help which is designed to operate as an integrated instruction manual
- Simulator logbook for recording time on synthetic training devices
- World map display of great circle tracks, day / night & timezones in cartesian & spherical map projections
- Landing currency period warning by aircraft type, which is fully user customisable

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